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Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday = Minty Salmon & Sweet Tater Fish Cakes

500g leftover cooked potatoes mashed (I used sweet potatoes instead because I find salmon too strong a taste so I wanted to mask it a wee bitty! Also it's better if the taters are cooked the day before and have time to cool and get nice and starchy.
418g can drained salmon (I poached fresh salmon and used that instead)
140g frozen peas defrosted
handful of mint leaves roughly chopped
1 tbsp spoon of tartar sauce (I forgot to buy some so I just mixed mayo and relish together!)
flour for dusting
olive or veggie oil for shallow frying
lemon halves to serve

1) Mash the taters! Then flake the salmon into a bowl (removing skin and bones), add peas, mint, tartar sauce and mashed potatoes into the bowl.

2) Flour your hands and shape into 8 fish cakes (this definitely serves 4 people!). Dust them with flour to help brown.

3) heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the fish cakes 3-4mins on each side or until brown.

I also cooked up some roasted parsnips to have as a side dish to this.

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