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Sunday, 4 April 2010

The love that dare not speak it's name...

I have to confess my so-called meat free diet isn't working, I went straight back into eating meat without even thinking about it or remembering I was not meant to be eating it.

I think I've just come to the realisation that I'm not a diet person. I just need to eat in moderation with small healthy portions, just because something tastes awesome doesn't mean I have to eat a lot of it in one go! hahaha

My problem is that I LOVE food and LOVE flavours. I love being creative. Really, I blame it on my parents! If they cooked more diverse food when I was growing up I probably wouldn't be as fascinated with it as I am now and feeling like I need to explore, I need to diversify, I need to eat more interesting things, and REALLY eat it!

Honestly, since leaving my parents home I've ventured into such new territories. I never even had some of the basics in my parents house. You wouldn't find peppers because my parents don't really like them. You wouldn't find mushrooms because my dads allergic to them. International cuisine consisted of Chinese food from our neighbours who owned their own restaurant. Tres exotic! :)

So this week I've decided to venture into interesting but healthy foods. I was very pleased to pack away my groceries this week and to find a drawer full of onions, shallots, sweet potatoes, lemons, limes, asparagus to name a few.

I'm excited for this weeks menu! Butternut squash curry, salmon and sweet potato fish cakes, squash and chickpea tagine, chilli/mint/asparagus spaghetti, chilli pork lettuce wraps. It's going to be a gooooood week of food, all in small, moderated portions of course!

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