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Monday, 20 September 2010

Chickpea haloumi Tahini chappati salad with Harissa dressing...

I was in the mood to experiment yesterday and came out flying with what was an interesting concoction. Measures weren't really measured and I sort of threw in whatever I could get my hands on that I thought might go well together. You can tell by the title that it had quite a few ingredients but it was actually pretty simple, quick and in my humble opinion pretty tastey.

Here we go...


* One can of chickpeas-drained ( I also added one can of black eye beans drained bc I wasnt sure how far one can of chickpeas would go, but it would have been enough)
* one pack of chappatis or other type of wrap like fajita
* one handful of spinach
* salt and pepper to taste
* one tsp of each cumin, garlic powder and chilli powder
* 2/3 of a cucumber
* half a large tomato or a full small one
* two green onions
* Tahini sauce
* one tsp Harissa (more if you want it spicier)
* 150 ml plain Greek yogurt
* handful pine nuts
* three slices of haloumi per salad

***this recipe could make about 4-5 medium sized portions

Method to my madness:

1. Pour about two tbsps of olive oil into a pan, throw in the chickpeas and add all the seasonings (salt, pep, cumin, chilli and garlic powder).

2. While that cooks away work on chopping your veg! Chop tomato, onion, cucs into little cubes and season.

3. Slice your haloumi and put it in the pan but don't turn it on just yet!

4. Prepare your Harissa dressing. Basically mix the Harissa and yogurt together! Tada!

5. At this point start cooking your haloumi. Let it go for a couple minutes then throw your spinach into the chickpea pan and stir. After it begins to wilt, throw in your pine nuts.

6. While that stuff is cooking off warm up your chappatis/wraps in the microwave. At this point you probably have to turn your cheese over if you haven't already done so.

7. Take them out of the micro and spread a tsp of Tahini on each wrap.

8. Now everything should be cooked.

9. Put your chickpea mix onto to the wrap. Then add your veg mix. Now put your harissa dressing on and top with the haloumi!

I hope you enjoy my concoction! Please let me know what you think or what you might do differently!


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