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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas!!

It's been a fairly decent Christmas break so far despite that fact that we are celebrating it on our own. It's much like the first year we arrived in the UK and couldn't afford to fly home for Christmas, although like last year we have been held hostage by the Home Office. But it's not the same, we are in our own flat, in fact we are currently in 'ownership' of two flats, in two different cities, I wish it was because the second flat was somewhere sandy and hot, but not quite! We are in limbo at the moment, but that's for another post. We also have Ollie this time, which we didn't have four years ago, which makes for a more pleasant Christmas, and we don't feel quite so alone, because we are our own little family this time around! 

So now to the foody bit! I have to say I've been blessed with some great foody gifts this year! Mum and dad sent me a superb apple corer, which I've been meaning to buy for ages! Justin bought me the Good Food recipe book, adding to my cookbook obsession! Not only that, but he bought the new Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals book, which will be nice on busy nights, and might also get him cooking!!! He also bought me a 'Make Tea, Not War' mug which I'm excited to flaunt in every office I will ever work in, which matches well with the Make Tea, Not War hoodie and Stop War, Hug More socks :)

To top it off, I'm excited to get into the kitchen and use the new LE CREUSET stoneware dish and cast iron casserole dish I got. Oooooooh the possibilities are endless!! One pot wonders and tagines here we come!!!!

Here are some pictures of our Christmas so far!

Our gingerbread people house, which came all the way from Canada. 

Justin fully kitted out in all the Montreal Canadiens gear my parents sent, not in the picture, the blanket, bed sheets and laundry hamper........

Ollie's already being influenced.....

New toasty slippers from mum and dad!

And now.......foooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Cooking my version of a Spanish tortilla breakfast, the twist being I didn't make a tortilla and didn't use white taters! I worked with what I had in the flat, so I cooked some white onion, and chopped up one small sweet tater into really wee cubes, then added chopped chorizo. In another pan I scrambled some eggs. Heated up some tortilla wraps, and grated some applewood smoked cheddar and bingo bango! Christmas Day Tortilla Twist!!!

Very Christmasy looking!

 The finished product! yummmmm!

Because it's just the two of us I'm trying to keep supper fairly simple, so I brought in some help from Betty Crocker for dessert.

Vanilla-Chocolate Swirl Cake

And the finished product with crushed pistachio crust and crispy choco bits in the shape of a star, now just have to stay away from it all day......

The table and mood is set....

Upon digging into this feast, I realised I saved a turkey, but probably ate an entire piggy......Apricot Glazed Ham, Pancetta Sprouts and Sage and Onion Stuffing.

Officially stuffed.....

Merry Christmas! 
(recipes to follow later, now time to be lazy)


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