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Saturday, 11 June 2011

European Foodie Type of day

No recipes for today but definitely some yummy food to talk about!

Justin and decided to brave the pouring rain today to get some shopping done. I was on a mission to find a new dress for his PhD grad in July and since we were in town a much needed stop at the local Polish deli was required. We scooped up some great eats! Polish kielbasa sausage, pierogies and some Nestea iced lemon green tea, nom nom, guess what we had for supper! :)

On our way back through the rain to the metro station we came across a magnificent market set up on Grey Street. At first we thought, blargh it's raining let's discuss coming back tomorrow but then we saw it, the Holland stall complete with stroopwafels. But then we saw the GIGANTIC stroopwafels being made on the spot with warm treacle being spread between the two scrummy waffles slices. We had to try one! It was delicious!!!

It's as big as my head!!!

Fingers crossed the weather is better tomorrow because the foodie stalls didn't stop there! We also saw a paella stall and a Caribbean food stall!

Also, the EAT! Newcastle Gateshead Festival is about to begin! I can't wait to eat up some of these events! http://www.eatnewcastlegateshead.com/ . If anyone is interested in going to ANY of these events! Please please let me know, would love to come along!


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