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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh mmmyyyyyyyyyy! Too good for words!

Moroccan Burger with minty apricot salsa = fabulous!

500 g minced lamb
2 tsp harissa (I could not find any!!! so I just used cayenne pepper)
4 bread rolls
mozza cheese

apricots (I couldn't find fresh so I just used the dried stuff!)
red chilli
lemon or lime zest
olive oil

1) Mix the mince and harissa (or cayenne) together. Form the mince into 4 patties. Put a wee bit of oil in the pan and start to fry the burgers.

2) While the burgers are cooking make the salsa. Chop the apricots, mint and chilli, mix together with the zest and a little bit of olive oil.

3) Flip the burgers and add the cheese. Prepare the rolls with lettuce and tomato.

4) Then put the burger together and enjoy!! I also added a smidge of mango chutney to make it a wee bit juicier!

And I served it with a beetroot bistro salad with balsamic dressing.

**Note: If you don't like toooo spicy food, either ditch the chillis from the salsa or add a little less harissa/cayenne.

My mouth is still watering.....mmmmm


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