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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Green Day

Having a green kind of day, which is ok by me since it's one of my favourite colours!

So first green thing - I came across fancy word cloud things when I was perusing someone else's foodie blog, and it's created through Wordle. There are a few ways to generate your word cloud, I chose to put in my blog address and this was what it produced! Kind of looks like a potato, fitting don't ya think? :)

It's also a green day because I've decided to try to have a Green Monster (created by another foodie blogger) for breakfast (most morning's, but probably not always able to have it).

But in order to do that I had to first create one ingredient - the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter.  This was laborious to say the least! I'll admit that I was forewarned in the blog post that it would take some time, but I must have a very cheap and less powerful food processor because this took me almost double the time, mostly because I felt the need to stop and let my processor cool off a bit, it was starting to burn up! But it was well worth the labour because this stuff is absolutely delicious! I've put it in my Green Monster but I could totally see myself spreading it on toast, much like Nutella but healthier!

So below you'll find my a picture of my Green Monster. It's different. First of all it's not going to be as green because I didn't put too much spinach in. I appear to have a naturally high level of iron in my body and too much spinach makes me feel ill. Also, I couldn't get my hands on the seeds required for the green monster. I didn't have access to coconut oil for the almond butter so instead I used sunflower (it was that or olive oil in the flat and i figured olive oil would affect the flavour). I opted to use soy milk, simply because that's what I could get my hands on. But even with the lack of certain ingredients and some minor substitutions, it came out tasting great!!!!!!!

I think if I want to keep this up I'll have to eventually invest in a more powerful food processor as mine won't be able to withstand the almonds!


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