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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chocolate Pecan Pretzel Treats

I seem to have developed a taste for pretzels and chocolate together and am tempted to try most recipes combining the two.

A couple months ago I remember coming across an image of melted rolo chocolates on pretzels and thought.....hmmmmm that looks like a delicious and easy peasy recipe!

Unfortunately the not-so-great Tesco near our flat didn't seem to have any rolos, so I bought the next closest caramel chocolate I could find. They tasted pretty yummy but I'm still curious to try it with rolos!!

rolos (or other caramel chocolates)
salted knotted pretzels

Method to the simply delicious madness:
1) Put grease proof paper on a baking sheet.

2) Put the pretzels on the paper.

3) Put the chocolate on the pretzels.

4) Bake until slightly melted.

5) Push pecans into melted chocolate.

6) Eat!!!!!!


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