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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Halloween and Cake!!

Wowza I can't believe I haven't posted since mid-October!

Well there are a couple things that have happened but most excitingly it was Halloweeeen!!! My favorite holiday of the year! A reason to get foolishly and ghoulishly dressed without judgement!

If you remember I made the Pumpkin Cake. I had thought the batter was too thick so I tried it again, but this time with almost a can of water added in and it was much more fluffy. So if you want a fluffy cake, add the extra water, if you want a fudgey cake, don't! Simples!

The lovely Ms Sarah H-P Sauce sent me some Halloween treats, including a great cupcake kit with halloween themed papers and RIP tombstone signs so I put them to good use with the pumpkin chocolate recipe.

I made 'Rising from the Dead' cupcakes!

You will see below I shaped and coloured zombie arms from gumpaste and placed them strategically into the cupcakes.

Also below you'll see what I worked on this weekend with the lovely Karen! Our friend Dave was having a particularly special birthday and so, with the help of Anita's special family chocolate cake recipe we made a ying yang cake complete with aikido and Assassins Creed logos!

Please enjoy and comment if you like them!

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